Scratch For Arduino Gnu/Linux chroot enviroment

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Scratch For Arduino Gnu/Linux chroot enviroment

As installing S4A has become more and more difficult on recent distro I've opted for a dedicated chroot environment in order to keep S4A available on recent machines without messing up the operative system.

This comes with the obvious disadvantage of space required: it takes ~800M of storage. This may not be a problem in a school with network storage, at least for me it's less of an hassle than dealing with all the dependencies of the old 32bit S4A on a recent distro.

Other option: you may want to look at Arduino Live ( ) as it provides Scratch For Arduino (it's only 64bit - AMD64 compatible).

Anyway, a chroot may be better than nothing and it does not require hardware support for virtualization.

Basic usage

You are going to download (or you can just create your own: check next session, it's quite easy!) the enviroment, share the /dev devices (those that provide the USB connection for the Arduino board) and launch the application via chroot on the main X server of the host:

# Download
tar -zxf stable_s4a.tgz

# As root on the host system prepare the chroot
mount -o bind /dev/ stable/dev
# On the host system, your main operative system
xhost +
# You may need to apt-get install xhost
chroot stable

# you are now in the chroot enviroment
su utente
export DISPLAY=:0


# You may want to look into for:

Basic installation

If you want to make your own environment that's how this has been put togheter on a Debian system:

# As root user:
debootstrap  --arch i386  jessie stable
mount -o bind /dev/ stable/dev

chroot stable
apt-get install squeak-vm libpulse-dev wget
dpkg -i S4A16.deb
apt-get install -f